Implement web push notifications
on your website in 5 minutes and ...

> 65% View rate with Web Push Notifications

Over 80 % of emails sent will never be read. Finebird allows you to reach your audience more effectively !

Grow your Audience

Win back your visitors by sending them personalized information they would appreciate.


Send personalized pushes

You can instantly send personalized messages at your visitor based on their interests and actions on your website.

Build your Mobile Audience without App

Web Push Notifications work on all devices. You can build a mobile audience without investing resources in building a mobile app.

Great features

Advanced segmentation

Create personalized segments. Improve your results by sending notifications based on your visitors' preferences.


Manage your audience by offering multilingual options to cover a wider range of countries.

Track your conversions

Measure your conversion stats on each Web push notification campaign. Refine your campaigns according to the results.

Multiple domains

You can manage more than one website with a single Finebird account.


Install your Web Push Notification system on your websites in HTTPS or simple HTTP.


The stored data in your DataMart is fully secured.

Get started in few minutes

1. Add code to your website

2. Ask permission from your visitors

3. Send your first notification


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